The place
Your Bandwidth meets The Buyer

Fair and decentralised marketplace for bandwidth.
Your price. Your rules.

The place <br><span class="f_700">Your Bandwidth</span> meets <span class="f_700">The Buyer</span>

Share bandwidth

Share bandwidth and earn money

Set your price
Control the volume
Get weekly payouts

Buy bandwidth

Access premium proxy pool for businesses and individuals

Quality proxies
Fair pricing
Wide selection possibilities
High throughput

A node is a key to access the proxy network.

To share your bandwidth:
  • Setup software node
  • Start application, set price, volume and start earning
To access the network:
  • Setup software node where proxy access is required
  • Set price, regions, proxy types you want to get connected to
  • Start using proxies straight away

Traffic price per GB is based on realtime market supply and demand and are subject to change accordingly to satisfy needs. Network participants are in total control of it.

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Sharing bandwidth

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Buying bandwidth

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